TWIG WREATHS.. THE BASE OF EVERY CUSTOM WREATH! Offers Exclusive Designs in Door Wreaths, Twig Wreaths & Deco Mesh Wreaths!
LadybugWreaths' World Renowned Designers offer up-scale wreath designs which include "Wild & Woodsy" twig wreaths, as well as new and trendy wreath designs such as "Deco Mesh". They are well known for unique, one-of-a-kind styles which ship all over the world!
Nancy has now expanded her business, along with her partner, Linda Joseph, to include coaching for artisans who want to learn to sell online through She is thrilled to offer her highly-sought after "Studio Days With Nancy", where she teaches ladies how to make gorgeous wreaths in her home studio. This includes one or two-day private and group workshops in her home studio.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Custom Wreaths

Let me design the PERFECT CUSTOM WREATH for your home! You can choose any style, shape, colors, or blossoms you want! What you YOU like?

Examples of Custom or Character Wreaths are; Baby Wreaths with their names or birthdates monogrammed on the ribbon, Collection Wreaths like the one I made with a cup & saucer in blue and white china, Sports Wreaths such as baseball, tennis, football for boys, Ballerina Wreaths for little girls... The possibilities are endless!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blue Hydrangea Christmas Door Wreath

Exquisite Blue Hydrangea Christmas Door Wreath!

This beautiful wreath was just completed. It is not even listed for sale yet, but will be shortly in my Etsy store! If you would like to see more pictures of this "whimsical" and colorful blue hydrangea wreath just visit my store at:
Happy Shopping!

PRICE - $189.97

Monday, March 22, 2010

Twig Wreaths - Wild & Woodsy

Being an "expert" on making and selling wreaths in several businesses, and now on the Internet, I have found the very BEST base to use for a very special "Wild & Woodsy" Wreath! It is a Twig Wreath made especially for my business by a young woman who lives in the hills of Kentucky. I will tell you more about this interesting young woman a little later on...

I spend most of my time, and my creative energy making and teaching others how to make very special, one-of-a-kind wreaths. The twig wreath bases are my favorite and the only form I use in each and every creation! These are so different, natural, and “Wild & Woodsy”! The twig wreath base makes it very easy to make my “Wild & Woodsy” style come alive in my wreaths.
You may ask... What is “Wild & Woodsy?” Well, I'll tell you. I simply adore – love – am thrilled with adding many loops and curls of fresh honeysuckle to my wreaths! Then comes the preserved flat mushrooms, and the freshly harvested sheet mosses from the mountains, and Twig Wreaths are the only wreath forms which I have found that compliment this style.

Learn to Make a Wreath - Many DVDs Available

My videos teach you to start with a base such as our exclusive twig wreath. You'll learn how to add freshly harvested honeysuckle vine in many loops and curls, as well as mushrooms, and mosses. This will be a perfect home, for your greens – grasses, ivy, and leaves.
It is so easy to add blossoms in all shapes, sizes, and colors in addition to berries, filler flowers, and much more. Now for the piece-de-resistance... “Critters”
Each and every Twig Wreath is filled with many exciting surprises which makes every wreath so very special! I absolutely LOVE using birds sitting on their real-looking nests (maybe trying to hatch tiny eggs), and grasshoppers which look so real, you have to touch them to prove they aren't. Ladybugs which happen to be the “signature critter” of are added to each and every twig wreath and twig basket. You may find them hiding behind a leaf, crawling up the stem of a flower, or just basking in the center of a sunflower warming themselves for the day. In addition, I love to use dragonflies, butterflies, tiny frogs, and any other “critters” which strike my fancy!